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Thomas Wentges – I am

Born 1964 in Stuttgart. After I collected a few years experience in my first job as a furniture maker, I felt the need to work with less tools. As I was always interested in the power of nature, I saw the unity of body soul and spirit integrated in this, I finished my education in 1992 as a massage and hydro therapist passing the state exam. After this, I visited the school of Hanne Marquard to educate myself in foot reflexology and this as it shows now is one of the bases of my work today.

While travelling in India I learned Asian massage technics. A friend and colleague from Mexico introduced me to the five elements and the meridian system of the traditional Chinese medicine, which I still study today. In exchange, I went to Cuernavaca Mexico, taught, and performed foot refloxology in her massage office in Cuernavaca.

In 1996, I started an education at the upledger institute for fascial balancing, known as a special form of cranio sacral therapy.
My own herbal garden, several seminars and independent studies got me close to aroma oils that are getting used in my aromatic massage. Mostly my family, but aswell yoga, fasting and sweat lodges are encounters that trigger processes of development in me, they deepen my therapeutical work.

1992 I founded the Massage Service Stuttgart a health oriented, holistic working, costumer service company that fulfills me and brings me a lot of joy.

Ramana Maharshi
»Worship the Divine, until you understand,
that it is you.«


Heidi und Linda are standing right beside you with the utmost attention.


Heidi Maria Dávila Garcia

I live in Stuttgart originally coming from Barcelona. I am yoga instructor BDY/EUY. Since 2006 I m working in the Theater Haus in Stuttgart as an equipment manager and since a long time as a translator (Spanish/German). I am also a mother of three wonderful children.

Since a couple of years I m working for the Massage Service Stuttgart. As a yoga instructor I m offering you lessons in your environment as a groups or an individually.

My deepest matter of concern is to give people the possibility to get closer to themselves via yoga.

Mahatma Gandhi
»Be the change you want to be in your life.«


Linda Wentges Dávila

My name is Linda, I was born in Stuttgart 1992.
In the year 2009 I finished school succsessfully.
In August 2010 I was to do a roadtrip in the United States for three months. Back home I participated at a social care program of Germany.
Right now I visit a graduate in education at VPT Fellbach as a massage and hydro therapist.

As Thomas' secretary, I am in charge of the books; I write bills, update his client catalogue and sometimes wash his car.
In 2004 I was introduced to the first degree of reiki.

Albert Einstein
»Fantasy is more important then knowledge,
because knowledge is limited.«


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