Special treatments



The Japanese Chiroprakter and Kinesiologist Kenzo Kase developed the technique of 'Taping' in the beginning of the 1970’s.
The tape is made of cotton, is light and elastic, allowing full mobility. During sporting activities it can be applied to stabilise joints and ligaments. It works as an anti-inflammatory and reduces pain.
It also stimulates the Lymphatic system, improving the funtion of the muscles. Imbalances in muscular, joint and movement patterns can be corrected. There is however not yet any scientific proof of its effectiveness, but also no theories in contradiction.
Allergic reactions to the glue are possible.

As interconnection to TCM I study the Aku-Taping.


Treatments for dancers

Dancers are living for their job and from their job:
Accordingly, to this they are demanding a lot from their bodies. Dancers know their body particularly well and they would prefer their bodies to be always fit. Out of this reason working with them is a challenge and also a joy.
Listening and empathizing are just as important as suitable therapy and the certain exercises we will teach them. There is always something you can do to serve the body, and not only when it is already not functioning correctly but also to keep it functioning correctly.

My clientele

  • Aterballetto - Fondazione Nazionale della Danza
  • Egon Madsen
  • Gauthier Dance - Theaterhaus Stuttgart
  • Marcia Haydée


The Japanese word »Mogusa«, and the chinese »Kao«, means heating up acupuncture points with smoldering mugwort.

This treatment:

  • improves the blood circulation and activates the metabolism
  • stimulates organ functions
  • strengthens the body and immune defenses
  • calms and influences stress caused organ illnesses

Hopi ear candles

The Hopi ear candles are a traditional remedy of the Hopi Indians. They are handmade out of natural linen, bees wax, honey extracts and herbal additives such as Saint John's Wort, chamomile and sage. By burning them the rising heat and the pleasant crackling relaxes like nothing else. I myself experience the treatment followed of a freeing feeling in the ear, the nose and the forehead region.


Basic whole body peeling

With a mix of sea salt and bicarbonate, we neutralize acids in and on the skin. The mixture contains finely grinded semi precious stones like agate, rock crystal and onyx. Which rubs away loose skin cells, increases circulation, and the functions of the skin are stimulated. This results in a silky soft and relaxed feeling skin. The treatment is rounded off with choice plant essences that are organically grown to make for indulging experience!
This special treatment is suitable for every skin type.


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