Classical treatments


Classical massage

Called classical massage (Swedish) after the Swedish healer Ling. With typical grips like: stroking, kneading, rubbing, tapping, knocking, slapping, etc. The circulation and the metabolism is increased. This influences the skin, the muscles, the organs, the blood and the lymphatic system positively. If we reach a change in the body the ego and emotions are going to change as well. Usually massage devices such as oils used.


Deep tissue massage

A precise step by step pulling technique that's done in the deep tissue using the middle finger. A certain number of treatments and treatment intervals are necessary. The technique is used for ill feeling of the vegetative nervous system, illnesses of inner organs, illnesses of the metabolism and also for problems with the blood vessels this technique is used for improving the diseases.


Foot reflexology

On the feet all of the areas of the body have their assigned areas, the reflexology zones. The pain, during specific grips on the feet, at certain areas is a kind of a guide leading through the treatment.
The technique is sorting out disturbed life energies and harmonizing weak life energies.


Hot roll – hot applications

The feet wraped in a warm towel is a nice start for a whole body massage or food reflexologie treatment. The hot roll is wrapped together out of towels, which are filled with hot wather or heated in the microwave. With it you can also warm up locally circumscribed muscles. Apliying hot rolls on the whole body or wrapping up the whole body supportes fasting and detoxing.


Sport massage

The grips are hardly differing from the classical massage; they can be used for spontaneous recovery or improvement in competitions. The goal is to reach better performance in training and competition, avoiding injuries. Also included are massages in during breaks in competition and massages that awaken the person. Supporting are massage oils with arnica. Dancers are treated during rehearsals and in set breaks.


Lymphatic drainage

The manual lymphatic drainage is used to get rid of lymphatic liquid in swollen body parts or edemas. Certain circling, gentle massage grips with very little pressure are used to move the liquid from the deep tissue into the lymphatic vessels. As the lymphatic drainage is predominantly affecting the skin and the deeper tissue no increase of blood circulation is wanted, as in the classical massage.



There are relaxing and loosening exercises: stretching, strengthening, balance improving and many more. With regular and consequent practice, you are able to achieve a harmonizing and cleansing effect on your physical and mental wellbeing.


Sacrum-occipital-cranial-correction technique

The sacrum-occipital-cranial system includes sacrum, cranium, and the connecting structures. Biomechanics tell us that all physical forces connect in the pelvis. If a misbalance occurs, it causes a misbalance of the whole system. We rest the pelvis on wooden wedges to invite it to correct itself. The therapist has the possibility to support the process with manual grips.


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